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1. Glass partition: Glass partition is currently a popular partition method in bathrooms, and various exquisite patterns can even be designed on the glass. Glass partitions not only have a stylish and exquisite appearance, good waterproof performance, but also have a certain space saving effect, with a transparent texture that makes people feel exquisite and warm.


2. Artificial board partition: Many people use artificial boards for partition design in the bathroom. The material of artificial boards is usually 12mm or 18mm thick phenolic resin high-pressure board, which has moisture-proof, waterproof, and stain resistant properties. Cleaning is simple and convenient, making it suitable for damp, dry, and high temperature environments.


3. Wall partition: Wall partition is also a common way of partition in the bathroom. Wall partition can enhance the sense of space in the bathroom and also provide a certain waterproof effect. It is recommended to choose wall color according to personal preferences. Wall partitions are currently mainly used in larger bathrooms, which can better achieve dry and wet separation.


Precautions for installing bathroom partitions:



1. After laying the floor and wall tiles, make the bathroom partition: When decorating the bathroom, the floor and wall tiles should be laid first, and then the bathroom partition should be customized according to the actual required size. It should be noted that before laying floor tiles, it is necessary to install drainage pipes and floor drains. At the same time, possible errors in the upper and lower parts of the wall should be considered, and glass doors should be customized according to the actual size for easy installation and use.


2. Consider the water blocking performance of the door frame threshold: Consider whether the glass partition of the bathroom has a door frame that can block water. If not, it is necessary to install a special threshold stone. Generally, the threshold stone should be 1.5cm to 2cm higher than the ground, otherwise shower water will flow out from under the door, which cannot achieve the purpose of dry and wet partition and may cause inconvenience. Please be careful not to use the downhill slide, as the accumulated water and dust inside the slide are difficult to clean, and over time, they may become foul smelling.


3. Handrails should be installed next to the bathtub: The bathtub in the bathroom is a place where all family members need to take a shower, and there are risk factors such as water and shower gel that can cause slipping in the bathroom. For safety reasons, it is recommended to install handrails next to the bathtub as much as possible, especially if there are elderly and children in the home, this detail should be paid more attention to.


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